Outdoor classes

Outdoor classes

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Connecting our Community

Connecting our Community

It’s a challenging time out there and the winter months may leave us more isolated than ever as we continue to live through Covid19. We’d like to invite you to join our talented students as they take the reins and teach what they know best. More practically...

Make Space For Peace

Bonus Make Space For Peace Do you ever get into a mode of “rest and digest” or are you always in the “fight or flight” mode? Those are the two branches of the autonomic nervous system and I have a feeling that for many people, the “fight or flight” mode is more...

5 Steps to Happiness

Bonus/h4> 5 Steps to Happiness In this bonus episode I am giving you five simple ways to feel happy every morning. Stay tuned for a meditation practice towards the end of the episode....

Why Do We Suffer?

Why Do We Suffer? Tune into Episode 6 to learn what these kleshas are and how they effect us. https://atmacenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/swamiep5FULL-10_2_192.54AM-1.mp3 In the meantime, let’s connect on Instagram. Please feel free to send me your questions. I...
Nov. 27 - Nov. 29, 2020!

11 passes $130 | 22 passes $240

Our small business deals go LIVE on Friday, Nov. 27 - Sunday, Nov. 29. This class pass sale will give you an extra pass in your account and keep you practicing well into the New Year

Mark your calendars and click here to buy:

11 for 10
22 for 20

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