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Hi! I’m Swami Atmarupa Saraswati, but you can call me Swami Ji. I’m the host of Swami Ji, The OG, a new podcast all about exploring the science of yoga and how it can help us live better and healthier lives. If you are someone who is interested in seeking to advance your knowledge of yoga, this podcast is for you. There are 1000s of years of yoga practices and knowledge that is based on the science of living. Yoga can help you achieve better health on all levels so we are going to delve into that conversation in every episode of Swami Ji, the OG. I’m here to introduce yoga to you by integrating classical yoga with modern living and bridging the gap between yoga and medicine. Tune in weekly broaden your understanding of yoga. Swami Ji, The OG is launching soon! In the meantime, get a sneak peak by listening to our trailer, and SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss an episode.

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Becoming a Divi Web Designer

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Season 2, Episode 4    |    38min

Make Space For Peace

Bonus Make Space For PeaceDo you ever get into a mode of “rest and digest” or are you always in the “fight or flight” mode? Those are the two branches of the autonomic nervous system and I have a feeling that for many people, the “fight or flight” mode is more...

5 Steps to Happiness

Bonus/h4> 5 Steps to HappinessIn this bonus episode I am giving you five simple ways to feel happy every morning. Stay tuned for a meditation practice towards the end of the episode.Full episodes coming soon. Stay tunedIn the meantime, let’s connect on Instagram....

Why Do We Suffer?

Why Do We Suffer?Tune into Episode 6 to learn what these kleshas are and how they effect us. In the meantime, let’s connect on Instagram. Please feel free to send me your questions. I will answer them on future podcast episodes to enliven your practice even more!About...

What do Bees Have to do With Yoga?

Bonus 2 What do Bees Have to do With Yoga? Welcome back to Swami Ji, the OG. In this episode I am going to teach you a practice that is used to treat anxiety and anger. It’s called bee breath. In Sanskrit it is referred to as brahmari. Tune in to learn how to bring...


Episode 3 Relationships, Ugh!Did you know the Yoga Sutras gives advice about relationships? The Yoga Sutras is one of the classic texts studied in yoga and was written over 2000 years ago. It contains 196 short phrases that summarize what is known as Raja Yoga. How...

Chanting is Weird

Episode 2 Chanting is WeirdDo you think chanting is weird? Well, I used to think chanting was weird too. When I first came to yoga, like many people, I came for the more physical practices, but at some point I was introduced to chanting and even though it seemed odd...

BONUS | Natural Breath Awareness

Bonus Natural Breath AwarenessThis bonus episode is a practice episode. We will be practicing natural breath awareness. This guided practice should be done in an environment that is not distracting and should not be done while driving.If this bonus episode was...

How We React in the Face of Storms

Episode 1 How We React in the Face of StormsWelcome to Episode ONE of Swami Ji, the OG. I am so glad you are here. Today we are exploring what it means to become a witness, rather than a reactor. There are bright days, and there are dark days. How do we react to them?...

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